Please see the Rulings Section to find the Participants Application Rulings. Meanwhile the Rules for Standing can be found here.

The following have been granted Participant Status by Commissioner Cullen:



Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia

Jacqueline D. Hughes, QC
Chantelle M. Rajotte
J. Cherisse Friesen
Alandra Harlingten
Kaitlyn Chewka
Joanna Stratton
Gina Addario-Berry

Government of Canada

BJ Wray
Jan Brongers
Judith E. Hoffman
Hanna Davis
Olivia French
Katherine Shelley
Dorian Simonneaux
Ashley Gardner

Law Society of British Columbia

Ludmila B. Herbst, QC
Catherine George
Rachael Gardner

Society of Notaries Public of BC

Ron Usher

British Columbia Lottery Corporation

William B. Smart, QC
K. Michael Stephens
Shannon P. Ramsay
Brian Duong
Kenneth K. Leung
Julia E. Roos
Susan Humphrey

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

Mark L. Skwarok
Melanie Harmer

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd.

Laura Bevan
Meg Gaily
David Gruber

Canadian Gaming Association

(Paul Burns,) President & CEO

British Columbia General Employees' Union

Jitesh Mistry
Ming Lin


Morgan L. Camley
Carina Chu
Matthew Sveinson

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

Guy Pratte
Nadia Effendi
Ewa Krajewska
Teagan Markin
Heather Webster

Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia

Allen Soltan
Jason K. Herbert

British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

Megan Tweedie
Jessica Magonet
Stephen Chin (Articling Student)

Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch

Kevin B. Westell
Stephanie Dickson
Jo-Anne Stark

Criminal Defence Advocacy Society

Kevin B. Westell
Stephanie Dickson

British Columbia Real Estate Association

Chris Weafer
Patrick Weafer

Transparency International Canada
Canadians For Tax Fairness
Publish What You Pay Canada

Jason Gratl
Toby Rauch-Davis

James Lightbody

Robin N. McFee, QC
Jessie I. Meikle-Kähs
Maya Ollek

Robert Kroeker

Marie Henein
Christine Mainville
Carly Peddle

Brad Desmarais

David Butcher, QC

Paul King Jin

Greg DelBigio, QC

Kash Heed

Peter R. Senkpiel

Ross Alderson

Paul E. Jafe